febrero 2017

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Intervenci√≥n de C√©sar Bona en TEDxBarcelona con la ponencia “Los nuevos retos de la educaci√≥n”.

16 febrero, 2017
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file.FeedFileLoaderAppraisal of infrastructure sustainability by graduate students using an active-learning method


Currently many university programs in the construction field do not take sustainability into account from a holistic viewpoint. This may cause a lack of sensitivity from future professionals concerning sustainability. Academics in construction must endeavor to instill a culture of sustainability in the curricula of their students. Therefore, this study proposes an active-learning method that allows graduate students in the construction field to take into consideration infrastructure sustainability from a variety of perspectives in a participatory process. The students applied an analytical hierarchical process to determine the appraisal degree of each criterion. A cluster statistical analysis was carried out, aiming to identify the profiles that influence decision-making. This method was applied to two classes of graduate students enrolled in the Master of Planning and Management in Civil Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de València. This method identified a correlation between the profiles toward sustainability and the characteristics of the chosen infrastructure. It was also found that the method fulfills educational purposes: most of the students obtained more than 65% of the target learning outcomes. This approach promotes awareness and sensitivity to different points of view of the sustainability in a participatory context. It can be replicated in other contexts so as to obtain appraisals regarding various criteria that help enhance decision-making.


  • Proposal of a method that allows students to consider infrastructure sustainability.
  • Participatory learning method that promotes integral sustainability.
  • Students profiles’ identification influencing decision making toward sustainability.
  • The profiles of evaluators influence the prioritization among alternatives.


PELLICER, E.; SIERRA, L.A.; YEPES, V. (2016). Appraisal of infrastructure sustainability by graduate students using an active-learning method. Journal of Cleaner Production, 113:884-896. DOI:10.1016/j.jclepro.2015.11.010

14 febrero, 2017
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Atrévete!! La innovación en las aulas no pasa por introducir nuevas tecnologías sino por cambiar los procesos de aprendizaje de forma creativa en beneficio de todas las personas que conforman la comunidad educativa.


1 febrero, 2017
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Universidad Politécnica de Valencia